When you prepare to write an essay or a research paper about a society’s mythology, the place to start is to read its myths, or at least a few of them. The next step is to consider what experts have to say, and to take notes so that you don’t forget where you read a particular idea or comment, and so that you can go back to find out more information. As you are reviewing what these authorities are saying, you will probably find that these experts don’t see eye to eye on major issues such as the meaning of the myths, the influence of characters, or the interaction between a society and its myths. Holy mackerel! How the heck do you handle this mishmash? — An annotated bibliography! That is, a list of possible sources for your research paper, each with a couple of paragraphs in which you evaluate the source. Instructions: To begin this assignment, you will write an abstract that describes the society that you have decided to investigate.  In 3-5 paragraphs (about 500-600 words), provide the historical and cultural environment for the society of the time, as well as a general overview of the major mythic elements. Next, you will create an annotated bibliography of a minimum of 6 sources,   using MLA or APA format.  You must complete both an abstract and an annotated bibliography that contains specific elements for this assignment.  Therefore, it is critical that you follow the directions provided as you create this assignment. The link below provides precise guide and instructions for writing the Annotated Bibliography: