Disclaimer:  If you are going to bid for my essay you must achieve at least 60% and above to get the full payment, any result below will result in partial payment.  Full payment will be made once the results are known which could take 4 weeks after the deadline.  Also, note you must provide the first draft of the paper as soon as possible (within 8 days) to ensure that proofreading and revision of the presentation can be achieved before the actual deadline.  It is also essential you reference key resources (which will be attached), if you do not have access to these materials please let me know so I can provide it.  Please Note: Masters Level presentation is required, please create a nice presentation along with a transcript with relevant references. I will do the voiceover myself. Part B: Theoretical critique (40%) Select a system level assessment practice (e.g. NAPLAN, PISA, OLNA, ACARA) to critique through the ideas, perspectives or theories you have been introduced to in your course (e.g. socio-cultural perspectives in education, psychological learning theory).   Present your findings by providing evidence on the following prompts: State your chosen perspective/theory and summarise this perspective/theory on assessment (between 8-10 slides) You should outline any key theorists/thinkers influential in the field, referencing key elements of the approach and critique to system level assessment practices. You should consider what this perspective says about what works, what does not work and what can be improved upon in regards to the assessment practice. Outline your selected system level assessment practice, its application(s) and processes within your local/state school settings (between 5-7 slides).  You should consider: What is assessed by the system level practice (context, criteria, timing, processes, requirements for teachers and students) Who assesses and moderates (e.g. teachers, independent markers) How the information is reported on, to whom (e.g. reports & ‘big data’ sets to teachers, parents etc.) Conduct a detailed SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) from your chosen theory/perspective and effective assessment principles (between 5-7 slides).  Present your findings in a Powerpoint* format to communicate effectively to your peers in this unit.  You need to ensure your presentation; Is clear, concise and informed by the research presented in the unit, but wider reading is strongly encouraged.  Statements made are supported by academic literature (journal articles, texts etc) with correct APA referencing.  Considers your audience (other pre-service teachers) Contains an appropriate number of slides/sections. For marking you must submit a copy of your presentation to the Turnitin direct link.  The presentation must have a voiceover elaborating the detail (eg dot points- presented within the slides.)  *Please note that as Prezi requires you to have a paid subscription to add speaker notes it is preferable that you just use PowerPoint for this assignment.  The length of the spoken presentation should be around 6 minutes long + or – 10%.