There are four stages in the mentoring cycle:  preparing, negotiating, enabling and coming to closure. The closure phase of the mentoring cycle involves integration and moving forward.  Zachary and Fischler (2009) state “a learning conclusion is a highly focused and reflective discussion centering on the specific learning you have taken away from the mentoring experience” (p. 103). In preparation for this discussion with your current RPN mentor reflect and comment on:  ·         What you learned about mentorship and being a mentee? ·         What you learned from your mentor that was most valuable and meaningful? ·         What did you find challenging during your mentorship experience? ·         What you learned about yourself as a Psychiatric Nursing student during the mentoring relationship? Your posting must show evidence of critical thinking and reflection, address the question posted and be a maximum of 600 words. ·         Reflects upon two relevant mentoring experiences. Relates the experiences to the mentoring stage being discussed. ·         Articulates awareness and insight how the mentorship relationship relates to the mentoring stage being discussed. ·         Moves the discussion forward by asking relevant, thought provoking questions that challenges peers to consider another perspective. Readings/references can be use: From the textbook, Mentoring in Nursing: A Dynamic and Collaborative Practice