Based on your research about the pathophysiology and management of GERIATRIC BREAST CANCER, develop a comprehensive clinical history and assessment guide Discuss nurse-sensitive and collaborative interventions and outcomes that might be implemented based on assessment results. The guide should be written for use in the general population with your chosen chronic disease, not for a specific person with the disease. Please utilize the Assessment guide template; the template utilizes a table format. (SEE ATTACHED) ASSESSMENT TABLE CANNOT BE MORE THAN 5-8 PAGES Overview of Steps to Completion Develop an outline of a comprehensive clinical history and physical assessment guide with rationale on why it is important to assess each aspect described. Please highlight priority assessment data that is key in understanding the population and identify key assessment data for health promotion and risk factors. Be sure to address what you would assess for each system and how you would assess this. This assessment guide can be formatted in a simple table within a Word document. Of note, your assessment should include the following sections: General survey Neurological HEENT Cardiovascular Pulmonary Gastrointestinal Musculoskeletal Genitourinary Integumentary [skin, teeth, oral mucosa] Symptom Assessment Common Risk Factors for the Population Health and Wellness Activities Appropriate for the Population [Health Promotion & Risk Reduction] Psychological Social Spiritual Guidelines for Assignment Completion Comprehensive clinical history and physical assessment guide with referenced rationale on why it is important to assess or teach the aspect described. (Please use the TABLE/TEMPLATE THAT IS ATTACHED.) Template can be SINGLE SPACED, bulleted but must have in text citations, 12pt TNR font. 1 inch margins. dbl spacing, use headings for sections  Key assessment data should be referenced using population-specific literature. Write a brief summary that includes: (MUST BE 12pt font, dbl spaced with appropriate headings, one inch margins and headings with appropriate APA citations. REFERENCES are to be scholarly and not older than 5 years old (written between 2015-2020) Five (5) expected assessment findings for the chosen patient population (geriatric women with breast cancer) and rationale for each. For example, if you assessed twenty patients with the chronic disease, what are some of the findings you would expect to find in most of these patients? [Please limit this summary to 3-4 paragraphs]. Summary of Interventions and Expected Outcomes Describe a minimum of three (3) nursing interventions and nurse-sensitive outcomes [must be evidence-based] Of note: nurse sensitive outcomes include outcomes that can be directly influenced by actions of a nurse [including patient education, mobility, infection control, establishing and maintaining a healing environment, etc.] Describe a minimum of two (2) interprofessional interventions and outcomes [must be evidence-based and confirmed by one health care provider outside of nursing such as  cognitive behavioral counselor or yoga instructor)