Think about a speech that you would like to present on a topic of your choice. (Choose a persuasive speech) The speech can be for any context and any length. See the list of example speech occasions and purposes for inspiration. Download and answer each question in the the Unit 1 and 2 Template based on the speech you are thinking of: Consider your audience, purpose, and thesis and complete Part 1 of the template. Utilize your program resources, the internet or a local library to find three credible sources that are relevant to your speech and complete Part 2 of the template. Read through your sources to identify five pieces of evidence that support your thesis and complete Part 3 of the template. Be sure to use at least three different types of sources (example, statistic, analogy, definition, visual, story, testimony). Plan your speech, considering what your introduction, main points, and conclusion will include. Organize your speech, following the structure of Monroe’s Motivated Sequence. Your speech should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction should contain your key message. The body should cover your main topics and support to back up your main points. Make sure that all support is relevant and from credible sources. Your conclusion should summarize your main points and provide a call to action. Create notes or bullet points that you can refer to while presenting your speech.