Care Scenario for Discussion: You live in a rural town where Type II Diabetes among seniors is exceptionally high. The seniors have access to a small grocery store and there is a small center.The director at the senior center has talked with you as a nurse to education the seniors about diabetes prevention. The seniors come and go at the senior center, therefore you have decided to individually meet with seniors rather than in a group, to education the senior individually about cooking and how to prevent diabetes type II. Being a member of the rural town, you as a nurse already know that some seniors are Spanish speaking only and income is limited. Discussion Question: After reading your course preparation material and the case scenario above, discuss the following: What more information will you want to know about the seniors before you create a health education teaching plan? What might be the goal for this individual teaching plan? Provide examples of learning objectives based on the 3 domains of learning for this health education plan What behavior change theory would support your teaching plan? Explain