Comparison/Contrast Research Paper Assignment General Guidelines For the research paper assignment, you will focus on the time frame of at least one of the short stories we have read as the focus of your research. The time frame a story takes place is an important aspect of the story. Oftentimes the setting can be as important as the characters in molding the plot. The purpose of this paper is to explore the time frame in which one of stories takes place and compare it to the current time period, exploring the similarities and differences that would affect the characters and plot. This could include anything from specific issues to general issues: society norms, treatment of genders, treatment of young people, treatment of the mentally ill, racial prejudice, jobs, patriotism, war, crime, etc… The topic must be related to a story we have read. You should begin your initial research about your chosen literature with some biographical information about the author. When you are ready to begin writing your research paper, the biographical information should be very brief as an introduction to your literature. You will need to research the time frame in which the story takes place. Your paper should focus on the general plot of the story and how the time frame effects the plot. The comparison aspect of your paper will focus on the current time period and what the differences and/or similarities are between the past and present, in relationship to the plot, characters, and its conflicts. Keep in mind that the purpose of your paper is to critically analyze your chosen work, focusing on some aspect of the overall work for the first paper, you will be focusing on a comparison and/or contrast of time periods and themes. Requirements Your finished paper, which must be submitted to Canvas, should adhere to the following minimum requirements: • 1,200-word scope (minimum) • One primary source (chosen piece of literature) • No less than three credible, academic secondary sources (research) • Correct use of in-text documentation and Works Cited page (MLA format) Since this is a research paper, most of your paper must be based on research and not personal thoughts. Your paper should be focused on the topic and not written using narrative style. Wikipedia is not a reliable. You should be able to find biographical information and some critical sources from the online library databases. Critical sources that you find online should be from previously published articles in a reputable magazine, journal, or newspaper, and can be found in an academic database. Do not use Book Rags, Cliff’s Notes, Spark Notes, blogs, Smoop, or Cheat House sources or websites. The importance of a careful, methodical writing process should not be underestimated here. If your research paper is not solidly grounded in each of these steps, your final product will be inadequate. Your research paper must be typed, double spaced, properly documented, and follow MLA guidelines for margins. Your name must be on the paper.