World War One, as it is now know, was once called The Great War. No one in 1919 could imagine that 20 years later a second catastrophe would envelop Europe in another war more devastating than the Great War. After two millenia of constant warfare, Europe was at peace by 1900. In 1815 the powers of Europe met in Vienna, Austria to turn back the tide of liberalism in the wake of the French Revolution and to restore the monarchy to France. These nations were world empires each guarding their own self interests. Each made secret deals with each other but in the process managed to prevent a major war among each other.The years of 1900 to 1914 saw the greatest economic, scientific, and social advances ever seen in Europe. But in the summer of 1914, Europe committed suicide. A political assassination brought racial and political hatreds to the surface and in so doing the secret pacts made 100 years before now clicked in with no stopping what was to come. Across the Atlantic Ocean America was disconnected from the events unfolding in Europe. Many Americans felt that this new war was none of America’s business and the nation should stay out of it. When war broke out President Wilson declared America neutral. Neutrality was an illusion at best. When war began in Europe, Wilson supplied England and France with war material which of course did not sit well with Germany, and to Germany, neutrality was a farce. 1. Discuss why it was difficult for Americans to remain neutral when war broke out in Europe in 1914 and how American neutrality was undermined by the Allies (England and France) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary) 2. Analyze how American society was changed by the war. 3. Discuss the significance of the Election of 1916 and how it became difficult for President Wilson to keep America out of the war by 1917. Directions: Minimum of two to three paragraphs per Forum discussion. Identify sources that are used.