Double-spaced paper, using APA format, on one of two topics, below. The topics are left general so that you can adopt any type of stance that you wish, as well as in any country context (or multiple country contexts).    1. The impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry.  2. Why sustainable tourism is important for the future of the tourism industry. Please focus on social, economic, and environmental (the triple bottom line) impacts to make your case.   Please follow a conventional essay format in the development of your paper, including an introduction, statement of purpose, any headings required through the building of content in your work, and a conclusion. In this paper, it is important that you consult academic sources in the development of your ideas. This includes academic papers (otherwise known as peer-reviewed papers which you’ll find in journals) and books.  Introduction/Conclusion – 26% Content and Analysis – 50% Grammar and Clarity of Writing – 12% APA referencing – 12%