please see my plan of paper as below: please follow this plan of paper and use the sources in the attached word document  This the mixed-method scholarly paper aims to address school desegregation, school finance reform, and early childhood education program. The first part of the research focuses on the history of desegregation. this begins with some Discussions about Rosa park Montgomery bus boycott Starting from Little 9 rock of central high school De facto segregation De jure segregation Housing patterns School districts Population movements and provides a brief explanation of landmark cases about this field. The second part of the research explains the difficulty of black and minorities in achieving their right in all aspects of society. this paper attempts to analyze programs and workshops that are in place regarding the civil and social movements they had to do to obtain the similar authorities as whites. It also suggests a platform that because of the desegregation policy nowadays still the legacy of such ideas continues and has made the impossible somewhat possible and assisted minorities to achieve equal educational opportunities. The third part of the research explains the importance of the existence of social movements and emphasis on the fact that having a rule and regulation as of itself is not enough. The theoretical framework of this paper includes a critical approach toward culture and society at the time. The recourses of this paper include at least ten peer-reviewed journals or books.