PROMPT:   ANSWER ALL 5 QUESTIONS WITH 2 WELL DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS EACH ONLY.  1.) What are three distinct challenges young adults face as they become independent and enter the workforce? Incorporate at least one theorist’s (e.g., Levinson, Erikson) work into your response. 2.) What factors help or hinder young adults in terms of forming a “work identity?” What role can social networking sites play in these transitions? 3.) What are some of the “pros” of entering middle adulthood in terms of physical, psychosocial, and cognitive development? What are some of the “cons?” 4.) Compare and contrast two types of marriages as per Cuber and Haroff’s research. What are the pros and cons of each type? 5.) What effects can extended deployments have on military members’ romantic relationships/marriages and on their relationships with their minor children? Personal examples are acceptable if applicable, but give specific examples from the research literature to support your personal observations. INSTRUCTIONS: PLEASE USE REFERENCE AND INFORMATION BELOW STATED FOR ADDITIONAL ASSISTANCE IF NEEDED;  APA FORMAT/HEADING 2 WELL DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH QUESTION. (5 QUESTIONS)