After watching the American Experience documentary on the “7 Years War,” on YouTube, write a short informal paper that considers the relationship between American Indians, the French, and British North American colonists. This is a critical thinking exercise and your answer must be based off of the documentary. I’m not looking for a generic answer on the 7 Years War, I’m looking for an answer according to the information within the documentary. In your paper you should cover: Who were some of the key historical actors in this narrative? You should drop a couple of names from the documentary (HINT: Washington, Indian leaders, and French leaders) What were their roles and how does power illuminate political relationship in the Ohio River Valley? Next, explain the geographic area these three groups are fighting over. What was important about this area for the French and British? How were indigenous groups able to wield power in this area and how do they use the two Western Empires against each other?  How does the Ohio River Valley act as a commercial center or trading network and how does that shape relationship between these groups. Finally, why do you think the French lost the war? In the few sentences of your paper, wrestle with the idea of how we memorialize history…or the way we choose to think about some events and forget others? For example, why don’t we consider how much indigenous tribes lost in this war? Or do you think the documentary covers it well? You don’t need to address all of these questions, but you should consider most of them when writing your response to the documentary.