Assignment Overview In this assignment, you will create a presentation that explains how qualitative research methods can be used to answer research problems and identifies strengths and weaknesses of these methods. You can access the grading rubric for this assignment here: PowerPoint_Presentation Rubric.docx   Deliverables A 10- to 14-slide presentation Step 1 Review the following scenario. You are a nurse on a hematology/oncology unit who is interested in pain relief in patients with sickle cell anemia. Specifically, some nurses on your unit have concerns regarding tolerance, addiction, and dependence on pain medications. A group of nurses believe that they have had patients experience pain relief by using alternative therapies. Step 2 Consider the following questions. As you prepare to create your slide presentation, consider these questions: What is qualitative research methodology? What are the various steps in this type of research? What are strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research? How could nurses consider pain control within this population? Why is qualitative research useful in studying pain? How would you apply qualitative research methods to this scenario? In what ways might qualitative research not be helpful in exploring the experience of pain related to sickle cell anemia? Step 3 Consider your audience. Consider who your audience might be if you were to deliver your presentation in person. What would you want them to know about this topic? What would you expect them to already know? Step 4 Create a slide presentation with written narration below each slide. Create a 10- to 14-slide presentation that begins by explaining qualitative research methodology—outline and explain the steps of the process. Identify strengths and weaknesses of qualitative research. Describe how qualitative research can be used to study pain in the scenario provided. What are some of the specific strengths and weaknesses of this research based on the scenario? Include appropriate picture/image per slide content. Include correct citation per APA guidelines. Limit sentences per slide (utilize bullet points instead), save the explanation of the slide content and include narrative explanation in the note section.