Part I:  The former Coding Manager completed the recent 4th Quarter audit but she was not able to complete any of the reports prior to her departure.  She has left you with the following audit information on a piece of scratch paper:
Coder 1  88.6 %
Coder 2  96 %
Coder 3  98.9%
Coder 4  92 %
Coder 5  89.9 %
Coder 6  94.6 %
Coder 7  81%
Coder 8  91%
You do not know the coding accuracy policy, so you locate the following information in the policy and procedure manual: 
Coding Quality Policy:
RMC must uphold a high level of coding accuracy expectations to meet internal standards, JCAHO and Medicare standards, and other regulatory expectations.  In order to assure compliance with these standards, each coder will be audited on a quarterly basis by review of a random sample of their work.  The following quality standards are expected: