Letter to Yourself: I would like you to imagine that the year is 2040. Write a letter to yourself that discusses where you will be then, what your life looks like, and how you arrived there. Think about the role that social institutions will play in your life as well as the findings from the Who Am I exercise.

IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT MYSELF: I’m 25 years old young women living in Florida & I’m majoring in social work. This is my last semester in college and I’m going to transfer to FIU. I love to work with kids. I’m a very caring person and responsible, compassionate. I do volunteer work. I am a person who cares a lot about the welfare of others and puts herself in other people’s place. Also, I am a person who has also gone through difficult times but I have come through. I am very bothered by injustices and I hope to contribute many things as a social worker.