Executive Summary: Summarize your report and be sure to follow the guidelines listed on the link from the AIS site (1 to 2 pages).

1. Introduction and Background Information: Explain the basic purpose of a database (DB) as well as the costs and benefits to the management of FLWC. Also explain the difference between a well-designed database and a poorly designed database. What are the advantages of a well-designed relational DB (2 to 4 pages)?

4. DB Domain Narrative: Assume you are building part of a DBMS (database management system) for FLWC. Select one business. Explain in an essay the information that should be contained in the database related to the process you have chosen. Identify source documents, specialized journals, ledger accounts (including subsidiary ledgers and control accounts), and human operations that the accounting system will use for your part of the database. Also identify the related processes and relations that will interface with your part of the database. Feel free to make reasonable strategic and tactical assumptions (clearly state all assumptions) about the business to support your recommended database (DB). This will be a narrative that explains your section of the database qualitatively (1 – 2 pages).

 1. Case Report: The written case report must be completed using MS Word. The report should include a cover page, table of contents, executive summary, answers to all questions, references and group activity log. Use 12 point font, double spacing, and one inch margins (top, bottom and sides).