The Bibb county budget is a coherent budget process. The the  different programs and  budget for  each program is thoroughly  thought out. The budget is easy to comprehend and itemized by different departments and project. The citizen are involved with the budgeting process and I thing for the most part the citizens are happy. The city open a lot of  recreation parks and programs  for the citizens and the children. We have  public transportation, festivities and centers. Macon does  look out  for the citizens and I think for the  the most  part are happy with our legislators. The city is doing a lot of road construction at this time. This is a multi million dollar project and  although the process is a nuisance, we see the progress. 
When I compare Bibb county with Twiggs county one of the counties next to us, I can see a lot of  difference with  budget process. It is a smaller town  and  one person handle many of the project which causes a lot of confusion. The funds are mismanaged and as of today the city is in the need of a lot of money. These two counties are completely opposite,