For this paper, each student should interview an older family member to explore your family’s ethnic background. The student should ask their family member to tell them about their family history. Where do you come from? What are your family values? How does your family negotiate identity within multiple cultures? Do you often interact with members of other cultural groups? What are your family’s biases about other cultural groups? Either tape record the interview or take detailed notes. Once the interview is completed write an 8 to 10 pages, double spaced paper with 1 inch margins and 12-point font. Title page, abstract, and references are not included in the required page count. Cite the literature you draw from using APA style (use a minimum of 5 citations). Each page must be fully covered. In order to protect confidentiality, use codenames for yourself and your family members. The paper structure is outlined below:     I. Introduction:  a) Briefly describe how you identify yourself today and have done so at different times of your life in terms of racial background, age, social economic status, nationality, country of residence, cultural background and any information you find to be important in describing who you are (this should be 1 or 2 paragraphs).  b) Briefly describe what you know about your family’s background with special emphasis on what you learned during your interview. Compare experiences between different family generations, how your views differ or concur with your family members, and how behavior norms are taught from one generation to the next (this should be 2 to 3 pages).  II. Your Family in the Continuum of Privilege and Oppression  This section should be the bulk of the paper. Here you will reflect upon your family history and identify where you are located in a continuum between privilege and oppression. In what circumstances has your family experienced privilege? What did that feel like? In what circumstances have you and your family experienced oppression (either being oppressed or oppressing others)? What did that feel like? (This should be 5 to 6 pages)  III. Conclusion  This section will be a brief summary of the main things you learned about yourself and your family. Examine the meaning of your family background to your social work practice and identify which cultural groups you know a lot about, which cultural groups you do not know much about and what types of clients you might feel comfortable and uncomfortable serving. 8-10 Pages not including references