1- What are your preconceived notions about behavior modification? What positive or negative things have you heard about it? Has the topic been discussed in other courses or fields of study that you may be pursuing? 2- There will be a recorded, one-hour, virtual lecture consisting of videos or lectures with the instructor each week using Adobe Connect. Students must watch the video(s) and then write a summary of the week’s lecture in order to earn 10 weekly points. The summaries must contain enough detail to ensure the professor that the video was watched. The use of bullet points and outlines is encouraged. The summaries should be written in a Word document or similar format and will be submitted via an assignment dropbox that will be open on Monday mornings and be available until Sunday nights at 11:59 PM ET. There will be no lecture on exam weeks. 3- Although the referenced article was written in 1968, these dimension are still “current.” Please discuss how the 7 dimension apply to your knowledge, understanding and application of ABA, or contribute a question regarding one of the dimensions that you’d like more clarificaiton on. To give you a head start, they are as follows: 1. Applied 2. Behavioral 3. Analytic 4. Technological 5. Conceptual Systems 6. Effective 7. Generality

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you have to response the question 1 and question 3 not question 2