Chapters 7 and 8 expound upon the relationship of both leaders and followers in a leader’s role. Please read both chapters in the textbook and the corresponding PowerPoints. Then, answer the following questions in at least 500 words. Finally, read through the discussions and share your thoughts regarding one of your classmate’s postings. Use terms and concepts found in your textbook to craft your answers. You should type your responses within the discussion board by creating a new thread. Each response should be numbered. Please type your responses 1 to 6 within the discussion board by creating a new thread. 1. Explain LMX theory, including the following concepts: vertical dyads, in-group and out-group, and personality and subordinate initiative as predictors of group status. 2. Contrast the experiences of in-group and out-group members. Have you observed groups that fit these descriptions in an organization in which you work or with which you affiliate? Give specific examples to support your observations. 3. Explain in what ways technology use has enhanced or hindered your working relationship with a leader or follower… for example: texting (instead of phoning), use of social media sites (instead of in-person conversation), and so on. 4. In Chapter 8, the author explains that transformational leadership has been defined as the “New Leadership” paradigm. Based on the introductory paragraph to this chapter, discuss what Bass and Riggio (2006) and what Lowe and Gardner (2001) define as the reasons why this leadership style is so important to leadership research. 5. Explain the concept of transformational leadership. 6. Distinguish between transactional and transformational leadership.