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Article Summary Stipulations
Please be cognizant that Article Summaries are of vital importance in
this course. When you summarize an article, it testimonially conveys to
me that you have read and internalized its content and that the article in
question, has been intellectually enriching. For each of the articles you
are assigned to read, I urge you to PLEASE comply undilutedly, with the
stipulations below. A good and succinctly summarized article should
consist of, among others:
1. The title of the article and its author
2. All the article’s main submissions and contentions with
supportive quotations
3. A minimum of three thought-provoking views that, in your
opinion, were illuminatively interesting about the article.
4. An isolation and definition of a minimum of either 5 words or
terminologies or conceptualizations from the article that were both
nascent, interesting and important to you.
5. A stylistic composition that reveals your sophistication and
command of the English language.
6. An evaluation of any blatant or veiled subjectivities of the article or
its author.
7. The overall value of the article in comprehending the discourse.
Nota Bene: Please proofread your summary thoroughly prior to
submission. Make it an impeccably written paper! Goodluck and THANK