please dont include personal feelings,  The Role of Congressional Impeachment One of the tools included in the U.S. Constitution for the House of Representatives, in its role of Oversight, is the power to Impeach.  Impeachment against a president has actually only been used two times in the past and threatened a third. (President Richard Nixon resigned when faced with an impeachment which was certain to lead to a guilty decision, when tried by the Senate.)  But, it is not just used against presidents, Congress can impeach any civil officer of the United States, and threats of impeachment have again become part of our political process.    Your paper will include discussion of:  1.   The process of impeachment by the House of Representatives and trial by the Senate, as provided in the U.S Constitution. This should include both a discussion of: 1.   the mechanism for impeachment, and 2.   the bases for impeachment 2.   The previous instances in which the House of Representatives has impeached an individual. Here you should include both the reasons for each impeachment and the resolution of each. (While you can find a summary of each of these at, you should also look into the background of each instance. 3.   The issues which have currently led to serious discussions of impeachments against several contemporary civil officers of the United States 4.   And finally, an explication of the differing views concerning the legitimacy of these contemporary impeachments.   The paper should be 10 to 15 pages in length, double spaced, using 10 to 12 point type face.   Internal citation and bibliography must be included.  If you choose to use MLA style, then please include all works you read which impacted on your final paper, not just works cited.   Bibliography and Citations: This is a formal paper which requires internal citations and a bibliography.    Since it is worth 25% of your grade, it should contain a high level of detail, careful editing and be of an appropriate length. Remember to include a detailed, formal bibliography which reflects all of the sources which contributed to your paper (not just a list of works cited). ‘Appropriate citations’ mean including citations for:  a) direct quotations b) paraphrases of an author’s words   c) unique ideas which you have obtained from an author