I need a reflective essay of 500 words  using the five personal leadership levers( belief based /goal driven leadership, equity focused leadership, interpersonal leadership, adaptive leadership, and resilient leadership) from the reading_( Book – Breakthrough Principal A step by step guide to building stronger schools by Jean Desravines-page 3-11, 227-252) and lectures  to reflect on the following:    Your values, beliefs and attitude   The way you interacts with staff , students and families   How you approach your work Use the basic writing elements model and include specific evidence/references to the readings and lectures in your reflection.  All evidence must be cited in APA format. GRADING RUBRIC 1. explain each of the 5 personal leadership levers with depth, specificity and clarity 2. articulates depth of self-reflection regarding personal values, belief, and attitudes related to each of the personal leadership levers with  clarity.3. reflective regarding how she approaches her work related to each of the personal leadership levers with clarity. 4 articulates depth of self reflection regarding interaction between staff, students and families related to each of the personal leadership levers with specificity and clarity. 5. articulates comprehensive evidence from the reading lectures to support analysis with specificity and clarity. All published and public sources are properly cited with APA formatting. Narrative has few or no grammar, mechanics and or spelling errors. I AM A SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER WITH 17 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE. I AM WORKING ON MASTER OF EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP WORKING TOWARD PRINCIPAL CERTIFICATION. SO WRITE ESSAY AS A FUTURE PRINCIPAL .