During the covid19 crisis, connecting with other people via apps  that support interaction via video has been an important way that  people have maintained personal and professional connections.  Choose an app that incorporates video chat into its functionality.     Use the app walkthrough method, that we learnt about in week 2,  to explore how this app supports or constrains user interaction.  Your answer should consider the following  questions that were  raised by Jenson in your week 1 reading:    “who does what, with whom, in which contexts, with what consequences  for communicators, the contexts, and the social relations which  communication helps to maintain?” (Jenson, 2013: 29-30).    Make sure that you justify any claim that you make by referring to specific aspects of the  app’s design as a semiotic technology (e.g.  rhetorical devices such as word choices, images,  font, colours, layout, structure etc.) that you observe during your walkthrough.    Please note that this essay should not be a step-by-step walkthrough of the app. The  walkthrough is your investigation of the app which you do before writing the essay. You use  what you find in the walkthrough to interpret how the app enables and constrains user  interaction.    You should present your findings as an essay with the following structure:    1. Introduction:  • Briefly identify the main findings (from your walkthrough analysis) which you  will explore in the essay.    2. Body  Arts2091 Mobile Cultures  • Explain your findings.  • Be sure to justify each claim by referring to a dimension of the app’s design  (use diagrams, annotated screen captures etc. to help the reader understand  your analysis).  • Do not simply narrate the flow of the app.  • Be sure that your paragraphs contain a topic sentence that indicates to the  reader the idea you are going to deal with in that paragraph. The rest of the  paragraph must apply sufficient analysis of specific examples to justify your  claim.    3. Conclusion  • Summarise your findings in light of the analysis you have undertaken.