International Airports

Case Study: Airport Business Continuity Management System (PLG1)


  • Prepare a 2-3 page case study that explains the current and various methods of airport emergency plans for infectious diseases.
  • Research additional sources and comment on what you have found regarding the challenges presented.
  • Use the following questions as a guide:
    • What is Annex 14?
    • What emergencies does it address in addition to those of public health?
    • Is it necessary for there to be a separate public health emergency airport plan (separate from the aerodrome emergency plan)?
    • Which global entity requires an aerodrome or airport to have an emergency plan?
    • Which entity oversees its contents?
    • Which entity issues an aerodrome certificate for those aerodromes that are in compliance with the ICAO standards and recommended practice?
    • What is the advantage of having an aerodrome public health emergency plan?
    • Who has the responsibility for activities at an airport in response to a public health event?
    • In developing an aerodrome emergency plan, which entities need to be involved?
    • With the arrival of an affected aircraft, where should it be parked?
    • Is there a need to have a Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for the arrival of an affected aircraft?
  • Conclude with your assessment of potential solutions to the challenges.
  • The assignment should be written according to the Writing Style Guideand the references should be written in current APA format.


Grading Rubric: