Purpose The purpose of this assignment is to provide learners with the opportunity to integrate the knowledge and skills learned throughout the program, and to provide learners with the opportunity to communicate a scholarly project in a professional manner. Course Outcomes This assignment enables the student to meet the following Course Outcome (CO): CO 2: Develop an evidence-based foundation to lead organizational change using current knowledge, standards of practice, and research from current literature. (PO 4,5) Total Points Possible: 100 Requirements Review any previous literature review you have completed related to your CGE project topic. If you have not previously completed a scholarly literature review on your topic (i.e., your topic may have changed), then you will create a new literature review with this assignment. Complete a database search on your project and compile the results, adding any new or relevant scholarly sources to your review. Focus on the most relevant articles or studies that address your problem or concern or discuss resolutions to the problem. Include any studies that do not support your projected resolution or take a different approach. In addition, search for systematic reviews about the problem or concern. Write a review of the literature or update your existing literature review using the following outline. Comprehensive review of the current evidence-based literature from nursing and related disciplines as appropriate Application of evidence-based literature to project Analysis of the literature: whether it supports your resolution; alternative solutions; how existing literature affected your proposal Using this outline will ensure that you are in compliance with Chamberlain’s reuse/repurpose policy. Be sure to reacquaint yourself with this policy or reach out to your instructor if you have any questions. Preparing the Paper Paper length: 5-8 pages, excluding reference and title pages Minimum number of scholarly articles or studies: 15 Note: The required sources must meet the criteria of scholarly sources by Chamberlain University definition. You may use other nonscholarly sources (i.e., web pages) but those will not count toward the 15 required. APA format, current edition Correct reference citation format Reference page