What I want you to do: After you have read Chapter 2 (The Audience) answer the questions below using what you have learned in the chapter. 1. Name the three catergories of art. Which one does theatre fall into? 2. Name two shared characteristics of the Performing Arts. 3. Name the six elements of theatre and briefly describe each of them. 4. What does the willing suspension of disbelief mean to an audience? Give an example. 5. What is the responsibility of the audience at a live theatre performance – how should they behave? How to submit your work: Preferred Method – create a document and upload it for grading (doc, PDF, RTF). This allows you to keep a copy of your work in case it is lost in cyberspace. Acceptable Method – type your answers into the submission box provided on Blackboard Unacceptable Method – sending assignments via email or text Expectations: College Level writing on all work submitted including using spell check Using the terminology in the chapter and the key terms at the end of the chapter in your answers