more information in file Based on the information on writing style and common grammatical errors from this week, answer the following questions: Do you think it is important to think about grammar and sentence-level mechanics? Why or why not? What, if any, are your biggest grammar concerns? Where do you make errors or feel uncertain?***What is one additional area you would like me to make a grammar/punctuation or writing structure presentation about? ( if you do not feel you need this, then you can say that ) Was there anything surprising or interesting that you learned from this week’s information? What was it? For example, what did you learn about comma splices and run-on sentences. Please refer to my audio Powerpoint from this week on that topic. Give me an image or GIF that somehow captures your feelings and experience with grammar. Does it excite you? Confuse you? For example, if I were answering this question, I might include this one: