Information or data is the backbone of decision-making, but uncertainty is the bane of decision-making. How do we make important financial decisions when faced with uncertainty? Give examples. Attached are links to the articles. Read and reflect upon how we make Financial Decisions. You may wish to do some research of your own to get a better quality and better grade. Make sure you support your statements.  P.S. If you want to make your paper of better quality, make sure to review at least one outside scholar or peer reviewed paper. Please note the following – applicable to all papers due throughout the MBA program: These are papers that are almost like discussion boards. Do not think of these topics as questions you must answer.  The paper is a great way for you to express to me your learning and questions and conclusions you have come to from reviewing this topic.  Do not go to some website and copy and paste. Use your learning this week to apply your analytical skills in order to further your learning. These are the minimal expectations. Do not expect to receive full credit for minimal work.