Please answer all of the discussions in the same thread.  I am only looking for 3 discussion answers in 300 words for your answers total in 1 new thread. Additionally, you will need 2 replies at 50 words each totaling 100 words for replies (syllabus).  I am still grading last week’s posts so just follow the syllabus directions. #1 Consider our explorations of Plato and Socrates. Discuss the value of the mentor relationship in terms of Plato’s life and works. In what ways do we value mentoring in modern societies (100 words)? #2  Why does Aristotle think that there are no rules which can determine how to behave virtuously? Would Socrates or Plato agree with Aristotle that we become virtuous by habit (100) Words?  Do you think virtue can be taught? Guided Response: Reply to at least 1 of your colleagues. #3 In 100 words Discuss our readings and the linked video about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave and discuss the meaning of the Allegory story. Also, how would you re-word what happened in the story using modern language and examples? Guided Response: Reply to at least 1 of your colleagues (in at least 50 words ) for each answer.  What did they see that you did not?  Who in modern society can the Allegory be associated with?