The current Opioid Crisis continues to plague communities across the United States. The Opioid crisis is similar to what this country experienced in the 1980s and 1990s during the Crack-cocaine crisis. The difference between the epidemics are how we treat the disease of addiction. The Crack-cocaine crisis was treated with harsh criminal consequences. The Opioid crisis is being treated with compassion and therapeutic services. Written Assignment 1- Does race and socioeconomic status impact the way we treat the Opioid Crisis compared to the Crack-Cocaine Epidemic? Why? or Why not? Directions: 2- full pages. 12-point font, New Times Roman font. APA 7 Format-Cover page, cite your sources within the paper, number the pages. A cover page is a Title Page. 3 sources- Wikipedia is not permitted, Government websites are examples of reliable sources, the Textbook can be used as one of your sources. Reference Page. If you do not cite your sources, then you will receive a Zero(0) for the assignment. Click here for an example of an APA- writing style paper and APA rules. An abstract or Author’s note is not required for this assignment. Proper grammar, no contractions or slang. Please proofread. Plagiarism goes against College policies, always cite your sources. Use quotation marks for direct quotes.