The Case Assignment for this course will be a 2-3 page essay (excluding title and reference pages) outlining the prosecution process. Think about what you have learned so far up to module 4 and write a paper that embeds some of concepts and terms. For example, you can discuss how plea bargaining works regarding prosecution, discuss the use of social media in investigation with regards to prosecution, etc. In writing your paper, please adhere to the following: Use a minimum of 2-3 sources in your Case Assignment. You can use sources from within your module readings, but at least one source must be from an article in an academic database such as EBSCO multisearch Check your assignment for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it into the system Double space your paper and add 1 inch margins for top, bottom, left and right of the paper Add a title/cover page Add a references page at the end of the document (sometimes called a bibliography) CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY IF YOU NEED GUIDANCE OR ASSISTANCE