Are you a moral agent? Where does this come from and how have you constructed your morality? Do your behaviors/actions reflect who you are? What is your internal moral/ethic goals? Have you ever morally satiated? Said another way, have you ever compromised your morals/ethics? Please review the following articles: (this one is specific to nursing, but has some solid concepts) Now, please watch the Dr. Hooker video: Paper: What has created your moral and ethical center? Are these tested regularly? Please describe how you have obtained your moral/ethical center and how these define who you are. Given an example of a time when you were tempted to compromise your morals/ethics. Support your opinion using the included video lecture as well as web resources. Please include 2-3 of your own, unique, independently discovered articles on ethics, lying, stealing, and cheating. (Scoring 10 points total: 3-5 pages, single space, not inclusive of tile page, contents or works cited; 5 points for argument as to why/why not; 5 points for unique research in support)