Citing three specific concepts from our reading material, please explain the debate surrounding immigration policy in the United States. Be sure to clarify what the respective sides of this debate are, and whether or not they might find some common ground. After engaging in your own independent research and citing one outside source, compare and contrast the immigration policy of the United States to at least one other developed country.  Based upon what you have read, how does racism, or ethnocentrism, influence the viewpoints that American citizens have toward immigrants? For example, are Americans’ perspectives toward immigration shaped by the perceived race or country of origin of the immigrant group? Explain in detail.  Finally, conclude your paper with a commentary about what key steps the United States government might take in terms of changing our immigration policy. For example, does our government need to be more restrictive in terms of border enforcement? Conversely, do we need to be more focused on the humanitarian side of immigration and make an easier path to legal residency in the United States? Explain in detail. Your paper should be double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font and use two scholarly sources (one outside source), which should be accurately referenced in the paper. [