You are a pharmacy technician at your local level one trauma center. An RN from the Emergency Room (ER) provides a medication order for morphine and states that she needs the medication urgently. Due to the urgency, the attending physician was unable to sign off on the prescription order. The RN says that the patient weighs 60 kg; she also asks if this is a medication that could be dispensed from the ER’s Pyxis machine. In a two (2) page paper, written using proper spelling and grammar, as well as professional tone and vocabulary, address the items below. Discuss pharmacy laws related to controlled substances that may impact the processing and fulfillment of the medication order in this scenario. Apply your knowledge of pharmacy calculations by explaining any weight-based considerations related to the dispensing of morphine. Apply your knowledge of pharmacology by describing the use, mechanism of action, contraindication, and adverse effects of the therapy presented in this scenario. Analyze the ability to use the Pyxis automated dispensing machine for the medication in this scenario as well as for other controlled substances. Your paper should be created using Microsoft Word, be well organized, and include appropriate headings/subheadings. Be sure to incorporate and cite at least three (3) credible, scholarly resources using APA format; one (1) of these may be a course textbook.