International Business Environment

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You are approaching the end of your programme of study and wish to apply for an internship with a large organisation that works globally.  You believe that this opportunity will give you greater insight into the actual operation of global business organisations, strengthen your CV and prepare you for the next stage in your career.

You decide to undertake some preparatory work and produce a reference file, in preparation for the applications.


Task 1.

Produce detailed notes for the file which:

  • evaluate the business techniques used to analyse the international business environment,
  • assess the impact of globalisation and international trade on national economies.


Extension activities:

To gain a merit grade you must also include:

an exploration of the organisational structures of businesses operating in global and international markets.

To gain a distinction grade you must also include:

an evaluation of the risks involved in operating in an international environment.

LO1 AC 1.1

LO2 AC 2.1




Task 2

The Professional Manager magazine has an advertisement for management internships in a multinational automotive company, which produces iconic vehicles and has an international reputation. You are keen to apply.

The letter which arrived from the company following your initial expression of interest in the internship was encouraging.  It explained how the work of the organisation stems from a set of core values, which involve all staff working together with integrity and understanding, and striving to achieve excellence in everything that is done.

The letter also asked you to send your CV and submit a paper to the HR department which will be used in the shortlisting process. The paper must:

  • analyse the micro and macro environment of a named international business organisation of your choice
  • assess the benefits, opportunities and challenges of globalisation and international trade for a named organisation of your choice.



Extension activities:


To gain a merit grade you must also include:


an assessment of the extent to which working in international environment impacts on the success of an individual business organisation..


The letter explains that you may use more than one organisation in your paper.

LO1 AC 1.2

LO2 AC 2.2



Guidelines for assessors


The assignments submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. To achieve a merit or distinction grade, the learners must demonstrate that they have achieved all the criteria set for these grades. Where work for the pass standard is marginal, assessors can take account of any extension work completed by the learners. The suggested evidence listed below is how learners can demonstrate that they have met the required standards.




LOs and AC Suggested evidence
Suggested additional evidence MERIT Suggested additional evidence DISTINCTION


1. LO1 AC 1.1

2M1, 1D1

LO2 AC 2.1

The learner needs to produce a balanced evaluation of a range of business techniques which can be used to analyse the international business environment. The strengths and weaknesses of each technique should be examined and the learner should make reasoned judgements. There should be a wide ranging assessment of the impact on economies of globalisation and international trade, leading to personal judgements. The learner should use examples to illustrate the points which are made. The exploration must be specific and detailed. It should cover a range of organisational structures and the learner should use examples to support the points made. The evaluation should consider a range of risks examining them from different perspectives.  This must lead to valid conclusions based on reasoned judgements.
2 LO1 AC 1.2


LO2 AC 2.2.

The learner must name the organisation.  The analysis must relate to the micro and macro environments and each point needs to be examined in detail, so the analysis of the stated organisation is comprehensive.   The learner does not need to use the same organisation for the assessment required for AC 2.2, although there is logic in doing so.  Application to the same organisation will enable the learner to develop increased knowledge and understanding of the stated organisation.  The assessment of the benefits, opportunities and challenges needs to be balanced and lead to valid conclusions. The assessment needs to be related to a stated organisation, be balanced and lead to judgements. The learner needs to consider the impact of working in the international environment on the success of the stated organisation and this is in comparison to work in other markets.