Application: Service-Based Learning Activity Reflection
You have completed a service-based learning activity during this course. Write a personal reflection on this experience, including the following (1st person voice is expected):
1. A brief synopsis of what you did (topic and purpose, intended audience, other stakeholders that might benefit)

2. Discuss its impact on your knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intended action. How has doing this project changed any of these personal factors? Do you know more, or think differently about the topic? Will you do anything differently as a result of this project? What about the process of creating a presentation-was your project approved to post to the Website? Did you share your project draft in doc sharing to get feedback from peers-why or why not? Was it helpful to see your peer’s projects? Did you view other projects that were posted on the Website and if so, what did you think of them? Did you learn how to make presentations that are more effective from either feedback or from seeing what others did that you liked or did not like?

3. Its potential impact on audience and other stakeholders. Do you feel that your presentation can change others knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, or intended actions? Will you do anything further with your presentation, such as presenting it orally or using it elsewhere?

4. Describe any comments that you received from your instructor, peers, or the public. Was feedback interesting, constructive or not constructive, meaningful, helpful or not helpful, etc


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