Marketing Research Proposal Guidelines

Marketing Research Question: What makes you willing to buy shoes online?

Be sure to follow the format below when writing your proposal:

Title (State exactly what your study is about – don’t waste words.)

Introduction (State your purpose succinctly in declarative sentences. Tell why your study is needed.)

Background and Significance

Indicate what led to the recognition of the need for the research.
Cite relevant literature and clearly relate it to your study. (Include quotes)
Further expand on the justification of your study, particularly to the firm or organization.
Discuss briefly the alternative courses of action.

Discuss the underlying causes of the situation.
State your research questions and hypotheses.
Define your population and sample.
Provide operational definitions of variables.
State complete, exact procedures that your reader could duplicate. Be sure these are practical and will accomplish your purpose.
State your statistical analysis precisely.
State the limitations and assumptions underlying your research.
Provide a copy of your data collection instrument which must be a survey instrument that you develop.
Discuss specifically how you will establish validity/reliability of that instrument.

State exactly what you expect your study to produce or change; relate it to your organization.
Check that your expected outcomes are appropriate for your purpose and could logically result from your procedures.
Indicate how you will present the results. Show charts/tables that will demonstrate your findings. Be sure to include your results for all research questions and hypotheses.

Follow the APA style manual. Be sure to document your sources.

Include a cover sheet and label for each appendix. Refer to all appendices in your paper.


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