Directions: For your first essay, you will be writing a personal narrative. A personal narrative is an essay presented in your own voice. Essentially, you are telling a story, but it�s a little more than that. As is often said, hindsight is 20/20�your perspective on events changes after you�ve had some time to think over what happened and how it affected you. Provide an analysis of your story from the perspective of the person you are now.
Use one of the following prompts:
1. Write about a humorous incident that happened to you, or that you witnessed. Be specific in your details, and include dialogue when appropriate. Pay attention to concrete and descriptive details (setting, characters, etc.) and present the scene vividly, so that somebody who wasn�t there can picture it.
2. Write about a time where you surprised yourself. It could be a time where you succeeded at something you did not think you could do, or a time where you failed at something you thought you could do well. Explain how you felt, and what you learned from the experience. Be sure to use concrete details.
3. Write about the best teacher you ever had. Show a specific instance in which this person made a difference in your life. Note: this does not have to be about a schoolteacher– it can be a parent, sibling, coach, friend, neighbor, etc. Explain in detail what this person taught you and why it was important. Use concrete details.
Your essay must be:
? Typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12-point font, and with standard margins
? 4-5 pages

You are free to make up anything you want or use your own personal experience. Keep in mind that Im 19 years old guy.

Pick any of the 3 prompts that you feel suits you the best or you can combine them whatever.
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