Your task is to write a ?critique? of the strengths and weaknesses an existing environmental policy statement. The policy or plan may be derived from government, business or a community organisation (e.g. Conservation Council) and may be a comprehensive document or focus on particular components or aspects of the environment such as a recovery plan for an endangered species. Include in your report a reference to the web address or source of the document examined.

The main components of the paper should include:

a general description of the policy including a description of the aims and objectives
a critique of the process by which the policy was developed, including any consultation program
an evaluation of the proposed implementation strategy including time line
an assessment of any proposed monitoring program
a discussion of any ‘strategic’ qualities and time limitations
a general critique of the language, presentation, substance and likely effectiveness of the policy or plan, possibly compared with another plan of similar type
a list of references used in researching the critique

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