Please have very specific definitions of satisfaction including specific parameters that you can measure on the workplace.

How specifically do you link motivation to satisfaction? They are ideas which are connected but you will need to define specifically how they are connected. For example does motivation feet satisfaction, or satisfaction feed motivation, or is each completely reliant on different criteria? In one area you state that customer satisfaction very specific yet again this helps to clarify how different this is from job satisfaction, Where again you want to make sure to clarify the specific parameters of which motivation is only one

Justify why you use Maslow’s concept of hierarchy of needs because satisfaction comes last it would seem. Nonetheless there are other ways of looking at satisfaction and motivation which suggest that they grow alongside one’s Basic needs. Maslow’s concept of hierarchy determines as you say in your proposal that satisfaction specifically comes after needs, so is this a basic assumption in your research or is this something you will investigate?

How you sure just you looking at defining or determining self actualization? While the concept is a common one this is not a terminology that employees would be familiar with, so how will you talk about self actualization without using such grand words?

You will identify the employees needs but it is important to distinguish between needs identified by the employees versus those identified by the employer. As you know the employee and the employer may have different goals. It will be interesting to also gauge the impact of culture and determining the relationship between these potentially different sets of goals.
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