It is 20 years in the future. The (now) MU School of Public Health has chosen YOU for the annual and very prestigious �Pump Handle� award. In recognition of this award, you must give the keynote speech at the alumni banquet. Specifically, the speech is to include

1) the state of public health (in year 2032),
2) a review of the public health achievements, challenges, and failures 2012 � 2032, and
3) your contribution as a public health professional.

Consider all the topics we have covered this semester: Public Health Systems, Epidemiology and Global Health, Environmental Health, Social Behavioral Health, and Health Policy. How do YOU want to make a difference? You got the award, so you must be a true public health leader! You must have done something amazing to earn a “pump handle” award! But please be able to describe your wonderfulness in 7 pages:).

Grading (as outlined in the syllabus)
20% – demonstrates systematic thinking and organization of ideas (i.e. organized, thoughtful, accurately hits on all 3 aspects of the assignment)
20% – creativity – certainly this assignment lends itself to being creative!
30% – incorporated reading into the assignment – certainly I have provided you with several references describing what experts believe will be the future of public health. Pay particular attention to the issues described by IOM, ASPH, Turnock, Frieden and Carney. You may also cite from any of the sources provided thus far this semester.


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