Public Administration not public relation
Research and prepared a short essay (5 pages) on a major theorist’s concepts and theses. The theorist paper is a short research paper (you need to conduct an outside research project) but you should relate the theorist to the Farmer book. Where does he place the theorist/author you are writing about who is Elenor Ostrom. You should read about Elenor Ostrom in this book: Farmer, D.J. (2010). Public Administration in Perspective: Theory and Practice through Multiple Lenses. New York: M.E. Sharpe. That means the theorist papers should include both an application from the Farmer book and research from outside sources regarding the author(s). Specifically, the paper should discuss: Who is or was the author? Which were their major works? What was the main point/thesis of these works? What is the contribution to public administration, specifically looking at the topic under review? In the last question I am looking for the contribution of the author’s writings to public administration as their work is discussed by Farmer. You need to look where Farmer discusses the theorist and think about the theorist’s/author’s contribution to that topic. You should have at least 5 outside sources to discuss the author/theorist. review and follow the writing guide style in the attachment.

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