This file of BUSN 115 Week 4 Discussions 2 A Small Business and Social Media includes:
You are the owner of a small business that provides repair services to various brands of vacuum cleaner units. Your store is independent in that you aren’t affiliated with a particular brand of vacuum cleaner. Based on your education and your newly earned undergraduate degree from DeVry University (but of course) you’re considering expanding your marketing efforts by using social media. You wish to grow your business and feel that this is one area that might assist with your expansion ideas. Based on this information discuss the use of social media in such a fashion. Use the following questions to further the discussion. Of course add other questions as you see fit. Remember if you provide information from other sources be sure to cite your sources using APA style as your style guide.What is your overall goal in using social media? Have you used social media on a personal level? If so how? Were there any problems? How did you get past the problems?What do you see as the advantages to using social media in a small business? Why?What do you see as the disadvantages to using social media in a small business? Why?How do you see integrating the use of social media in your day-to-day operations? Why is this important to consider?How will you know if your social media efforts are successful? What would be your leading indicators?If your social media efforts were not successful what would be your exit plan or exit strategy? Why? How? How long should you wait to know if your efforts are successful?